Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Liebster Award!

Nominated by Rayne Speryll for the Liebster Award!

1.  Why do you blog?  How did you start blogging?

I blog out of boredom, most of the time. I had always liked the idea of a blog, so that's what got me started.

2.  What is your favorite type of singing voice?  Male?  Female?  Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Base?  (Mine is tenor)

I prefer male, and I honestly don't know which from the list (Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Base) is my favorite.

3.  How character crushes have you had, and on whom?  (If you're too shy to answer this, I understand.  Instead, explain to us how you feel about elephants in pajamas.)

I actually haven't had any crushes on any characters.

4.  Which type of animation do you prefer?  Traditional hand-drawn, CGI, or Clamation?

If the CGI is done well enough, then that's my choice - otherwise hand-drawn.

5.  If you and the entire student body of your school (or homeschool group if you're homeschooled) suddenly found themselves transported into a fantasy realm, who would become the leader?  

My homeschool group is my family, so...probably my dad.

6.  What role would you take, and why?

Hmm...I don't know, actually.

7.  Which of these teenagers seems most likely to be a superhero to you?

The kid on the right-end.

8.  What superpower would they have?

Probably super-speed or strength.

9.  What would their code name be?

I'm not good at this... XD

10.  Which one seems most likely to be a super villain, and the hero's arch-nemesis?

Left-end kid as the enemy and the boy in the middle as the arch-nemesis.

11.  What's the villain's power and code name?

Power: Heat-vision and super-strength. Code name: I'm not good at this. ;P

I really wish I could nominate right now and put up questions, but I'm pressed for time.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Character Profle #3 - Harvey Chim Hubertson

This character is from an unwritten story that has been in my head for a while. But I'll do a profile for him anyways. :P

Surprisingly, I found that he looks most like Jimmy from the 2005 King Kong movie (by Peter Jackson). See picture below.

Wears the same clothes, has the same face, eyes and hair. Age is about right. Kind of odd. ;P

All right, let's start.

Full name: Harvey Chim Hubertson

Family: Charlie Robert Hubertson (father), Bethany Anne Hubertson (mother), and Annabelle Divine Hubertson (sister).

Occupation: Detective's unofficial assistant/sailor.

Aspirations: He aspires to become the captain of his very own ship one day.

Relationship status (marital): Single.

Born: 1912.

Age: 19.

Personality: I styled him after Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings. Very loyal, humble, and always willing to stick up for a friend.

Worst trait: He is often quick to anger and isn't very patient.

Well, that's Harvey for you. Put down in the comments (or on my writing thread) if you would like me to write this story and possibly post it. 

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Character Interview - Eugene Felegard

Author: Hello, folks! Today our guest is a young boy named Eugene! So, Eugene, how are you?

Eugene: Apathetic. Everything's so stupid and boring. 

Author: A little harsh, but it's an answer I guess. Anyways, I've heard that you recently visited Bristole. What is it like? Why did you go there in the first place?

Eugene: It's full of rich people. Obnoxious, holier-than-thou rich people whose shoes are always polished. I went there with my siblings, my Uncle and some old guy because we had to pass through there on our way to the Woodland.

Author: I see. What do you think of your siblings?

Eugene: Dull and boring. They're always playing some stupid game that I don't want to play. And my older brother Shurlock is kind of dumb and half-witted if you ask me. 

Author: Why do you think that about him?

Eugene: He just is. Then there's Charlotte, and she's just plain gullible. Lynette is an idiot just like Shurlock.

Author: you ever express feelings around them?

Eugene: Yeah. But they don't care.

Author: Interesting. What about your parents?

Eugene: They're helpful sometimes, though they can be annoying and doltish.

Author: Not trying to be... *cough* ...rude or anything, but do you ever think that they may think the same about you? I mean, you're a little...never mind.

Eugene: They're too nice to call me a moron or whatever. I'm not a moron, anyway.

Author: All right... Off the subject of family. Do you have a favorite food? Color? Drink?

Eugene: I like apple pie, my favorite color is green and when we have it I love sparkling cider.

Author: Do you have any ambitions?

Eugene: No. I'm twelve.

Author: Usually twelve-year-olds have ambitions, but I guess that doesn't matter. If you could have one thing in the entire world, what would it be?

Eugene: A place that only I knew about, in the middle of a forest, where no one could find me - maybe inside a giant, hollow tree. I'd be the king, and I would have a bunch of gnomes as my servants to fetch me truffles and cider whenever I told them to. Then I could build an army or something to go and capture my siblings so that I could throw them in my dungeons.

Author: Sounds cool. Random question time! What was your most embarrassing moment?

Eugene: Why would I answer that? I'm not stupid.

Author: Because I have truffles and pie and cider...

Eugene: *sighs* One time when some family friends were over - I don't really like them at all - I was climbing a tree, but my pants got caught on a branch. I fell backwards and my pants were torn off. Thankfully those 'friends' weren't over there, but I had to sneak past them and my siblings on my way back to the house. I got past my parents too. No one saw me, but it was kind of embarrassing.

Author: *straightens* *clears voice* I see. Well, that's the end of this interview. *whispers to Eugene* I'll show you the kitchen later... *looks at the camera* Goodbye, folks! Stay tuned for stuff.

~CNGoodhue (this post is unedited)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Character Profile #2 - Eugene Felegard

I haven't posted here in a while, but I had figured that I would post a character profile. :D

Interesting factoid: Eugene was modeled after young Edmund Pevensie from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

Name: Eugene Felegard
Age: 12
Hometown: Icewood, the Southern Lands of Edaelle 
Appearance: Short black hair (messy), big green eyes, small-build, short height, pale
Personality: Annoying, usually demurring, reluctant to try new things, likes to be alone and away from his siblings, though at the core he has a good heart.
Family life: Good, albeit he focuses in on the negatives rather than the positives
Relationship with parents/siblings: Dislikes his siblings, irritated by his parents
Favorite food(s): Chocolate, pie
Least favorite food(s): Pork
Religion: Christianity
Attitude to religion: Boring

I have plans for this one... :D



Friday, February 28, 2014

Character Profile #1 - Cecil Gréfur

This character profile addresses Cecil Gréfur. :D Below is the closest person that I could find who looked like him.

Yes, it is Richard Armitage as Sir Guy of Gisborne in BBC's Robin Hood. Except Cecil isn't so creepy and evil. And he doesn't where a lot of black...

Name: Cecil Gréfur. 

Name pronunciation: See-sill Gray-fur.

Age: 22.

Height: About 6'2.

Hair color: Shoulder-length black hair.

Eye color: Green.

Position: Ranger.

Weapon: Broadsword.

Armor: A layer of maille overlapped by dark leather and a long black cloak and hood.

Appearance: Tall, strong, and sometimes daunting. 

Personality: He tends to lead, but is willing to follow. Determined and encouraging. 

History: He was raised like any other child, except that his siblings all died and for a reason he never knew his parents abandoned him in the forest and disappeared. Hence the reason Cecil became a ranger.

Other: None.



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Description - Another Post About Writing

Description is something that is needed whether or not it's your style - and if it isn't, well, even the slightest description could help your style.

Here is my first example:

Jim climbed up the hill, and stopped at the top of it. He looked over the land and saw his destination: the mountains. They were beautiful from afar. 

So - what did this example paint in your mind? Probably this:

Pretty bland, right?

Here is my second example:

Jim struggled wearily up the short, grassy knoll, inching towards the top. When he reached it, he stopped and took a long breathing. 
Then, Jim looked out over the vast landscape. There was a tall mountain in the distance with its head in the ever so misty clouds which gathered above. At the foot of the mountain were several smooth, rolling hills, and also a broad lake, which was surrounded by a great forest. The trees swayed in a cool afternoon breeze.
Jim cheered internally. His destination was reached.

Now, what did this paint in your mind? Maybe this?

Anyway, my point is this: even the slightest description is good. But no description at all won't do well, even if it isn't your 'style'. Not too much description is needed, just enough to paint a vivid picture in your reader's head.

DISCLAIMER: The images used in this post are not mine, nor do I claim them to be mine, but instead give all credit to their rightful owners.