Sunday, February 23, 2014

Description - Another Post About Writing

Description is something that is needed whether or not it's your style - and if it isn't, well, even the slightest description could help your style.

Here is my first example:

Jim climbed up the hill, and stopped at the top of it. He looked over the land and saw his destination: the mountains. They were beautiful from afar. 

So - what did this example paint in your mind? Probably this:

Pretty bland, right?

Here is my second example:

Jim struggled wearily up the short, grassy knoll, inching towards the top. When he reached it, he stopped and took a long breathing. 
Then, Jim looked out over the vast landscape. There was a tall mountain in the distance with its head in the ever so misty clouds which gathered above. At the foot of the mountain were several smooth, rolling hills, and also a broad lake, which was surrounded by a great forest. The trees swayed in a cool afternoon breeze.
Jim cheered internally. His destination was reached.

Now, what did this paint in your mind? Maybe this?

Anyway, my point is this: even the slightest description is good. But no description at all won't do well, even if it isn't your 'style'. Not too much description is needed, just enough to paint a vivid picture in your reader's head.

DISCLAIMER: The images used in this post are not mine, nor do I claim them to be mine, but instead give all credit to their rightful owners.


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