Monday, October 14, 2013

Character Interview: Introducing, John Revelle

Not many know about my novel-in-progress Ghost, which happens to be a religious, supernatural horror story. And now, I've decided to do a character interview for one of the main characters...
...John Revelle! :D

Author: So, Johnny, how's the ol' Colorado desert? 

John: Hot. Humid. Although, we've been getting some rain.

Author: I see. You like stormy weather?

John: Yeah. Who doesn't? When it rains, I'm the happiest kid on Earth!

Author: I bet you are. If you wouldn't mind answering, how old are you?

John: I'm exactly twelve and two quarters. I've been counting!

Author: Good, good. Do you like to read?

John: Who doesn't? Of course I like to read; especially mystery and fantasy.

Author: Any books in specific?

John: Well, I have the entire Sherlock Holmes collection and every book in the Chronicles of Narnia series. 

Author: That's quite a bit of books. What do you fear most?

John: There ain't a whole lot of things that scare me. Mama says I get it from Dad.

Author: Who's your father?

John: His name is Richard, I think. 

Author: What does he do?

John: My Dad's a real strong person and a Pastor and a tech guy or something. Sometimes he goes away for work, though.

Author: Do you have any siblings?

John: Only two. Rachel and Michael. I'm the oldest!

Author: What about Mom? What does she do?

John: She stays at home with us and takes care of us and teaches us and all that 'mom' stuff.

Author: Sounds like you've got a pretty cool family, huh?

John: Yep!

Author: So, how's life?

John: It's getting kind of creepy around here lately. 

Author: What do you mean? 

John: Strange things! I saw a really odd man in my room the other day. He had no face at all and just stood there staring at me. When I blinked the next moment, he was gone.

Author: Weird. Anything else?

John: Rachel says she heard someone whispering her name, and Mama says the same man I saw in my room followed her into the dining room. 

Author: Did Dad give a few thoughts about it?

John: Yeah. He said something about a... Uh... Bemontic being or something?

Author: Demonic being?

John: That's the word. 

Author: Changing the subject. Random question time! Do you think dark chocolate is a necessity? 

John: I like it a lot, but I wouldn't say it's a necessity. 

Author: All right. I think that's it for now, it was fun interviewing you!

John: Thanks for having me! But where's the candy you promised me?

Author: Uh... We're experiencing technical difficulties... Uh... *CUT*! 


* * *

Well, that was my first interview with a character. From my point of view, I'd say it went pretty good. LOL. Thanks for reading!


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