Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Post About Writing...

So, I figure since this blog was given the title "Writings of the Writer" I should post something that actually has to do with writing. And that's basically what I'm about to do. Anyways, moving on.


Plots. Every good story needs one, right? In my honest opinion, yes, it does. A story isn't anything without a plot. But what makes a good plot? It depends. To me, a good plot has a little bit of everything mixed together in one pot. Think of it like ramen. Without the broth and the seasoning, it tastes pretty bland. Same with writing. If your story is a romance, for example, a little bit of thrill and adventure would spice it up a good measure. Give the reader that intense feeling. The kind you get when your favorite character is on the verge of death and the bad guy is winning the battle.
Now, take away the action, and what do you have? A romance. Generally, a good plot makes for a quarter cup of all the ingredients. 

Put thought into your plot before you proceed with it. 

The opposite has happened to me several times in the past. I'll spend five minutes coming up with an idea, I write it out, make it into a great story, and - stop! I'm half way through the book and I'm not pleased. 
Because I've got a bad plot.
Sometimes I want to change the way things work, but I can't.
Because everything is already written out - and rewriting fifty pages isn't an option.
Really think about your plot before you decide it's the right one; you'll regret it if you don't.


Above is a common sentiment you'll find in most stories these days. Don't worry too much about it. But I wouldn't go overboard with the whole 'villain takes over the world' scenario; only because it's become very cliche. If your bad-guy has perks that assist him/her in the takeover, sure. But it depends. 
You can't just give your character immortal life and call it done. How did that happen? Be sure to explain it. It isn't every day a child is born invincible. :P Cause and effect. I know I'd wander how someone just became unkillable. 

* * *

Whew, that was pretty long. Sorry. Anyways, try and create a thrilling, believable and unbelievable ('unbelievable' in the sense of grandeur) plot that makes the reader unable to stop reading. If I missed anything or you think I may be incorrect about something, just say so in the comments, because I'm still learning, too. :)


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