Thursday, December 26, 2013

Writer's Tag

I was tagged by Dark Wolf, and am doing the Writer's Tag. To complete this tag, I must come up with four-to-six signs of being a writer without knowingly copying anyone else, and then tag as many other bloggers as I want. Here it goes...

1. You stay up past 12:30 p.m. writing (trying to win NaNoWriMo).

2. You feel sad after you kill of your favorite character.

3. You rejoice when you come up with a way to kill your favorite character. 

4. You want to take (or have taken) online writing courses.

Now I tag...






  1. Great answers, CN! I don't think, though, I rejoice at finding a way to kill off my favorite character, lol.

  2. Lol. I got both sad and happy at the same time, because now I can make the reader become depressed at the death of a good character. XD

  3. I think I more got my reader peeved when I killed off one of my characters XD.

  4. Cedric! Hi!!! I found your blog! :-D
    Haven't done the first one, but must plead guilty to other three. ;-P

    1. Hello, Erin! :D

      Lol. XD BTW, I don't know if you knew, but I left the Wiki for eight months. I need to catch up on my writing. :P