Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Story of Herobrine...

I got this idea after I spotted Herobrine on a Minecraft server. It was creepy. Anyways, here it goes!

In the corner of a deep, dark dungeon, sat a single, lonely man...he watched as the black drops of water dampened the floor he sat on. Lying helplessly on the stone, his life slowly drained. He glanced around the room, but only saw the bare walls and the high ceiling. The man's eyes closed, maybe never to open again. And soon, his world was enveloped in a thick, black darkness. His head dropped against the wall behind him. The man's body lie motionless.

Steve raced curiously down the stairway and across the cobblestone bridges, torch in hand. The flame illuminated the darkness and showed new passages and openings. He had been trapped underground for longer than a month, going in circles with very little supplies. But something drew him further into the caverns, a certain curiosity. But it wasn't till one day, when Steve came tumbling over a large room. It almost seemed like a jail...but worse. As he cautiously crept forth, but when he was about to pass one of the cells, he stopped suddenly, and turned to look into it. Nothing. Why had he been drawn here? Steve strode into the cell. Still nothing. Abruptly, there was a scratching sound that came from the end of the hall. It continued, getting louder and closer. Then footsteps, heavy footsteps. Steve took up his iron sword, and looked towards the end of the hallway. Glowing white eyes came into sight. And then a figure appeared. He stood still, arms at his side. Steve mindlessly charged, swiping his sword. The last thing he saw, were the menacing white eyes of the figure. Herobrine.

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