Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cobalt Jackson: A very interesting Thanksgiving: Part 1
Cobalt was the happiest as he could be. Today was Thanksgiving, his day off work and the day he went home to see his family...and the amazing gravy they made. Cobalt drove down the road in his Toyota. After 2 hours of driving, he saw a house appear on a hill. Cobalt parked his truck in the driveway of the house, got out of his car, shut the door and locked it. And then he walked up to the door. Cobalt knocked on the wooden door and waited a few seconds before two older people opened the door to the house. His parents. "Oh, Cobalt!" His mother, Jodie, said as she walked up to hug her son. "Hey mom." Cobalt embraced his mom and was welcomed into the house. He saw other familiar faces. Friends and family were all about the living room and kitchen talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Cobalt's dad, Ben, patted Cobalt on the back. "How has work been, son?" Ben asked. "Crazy." Cobalt chuckled. "As always!" His dad started to laugh. "What kind of work have they been having you do?" Jodie asked. But Cobalt changed the subject, his mom got worried about him whenever she heard about the stuff that he performed. "So, how have you guys been doing?" Cobalt asked. "Good, good! Tired too." His dad replied with a laugh. Suddenly, Cobalt felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see the beautiful, Emily Hansen. She and Cobalt had known each other since 2nd grade, and he had secretly had a crush on her. Emily was a brunette, and was really nice. "Cobalt! I haven't seen you in a while!" Emily said as she hugged Cobalt. "Haven't seen you in a while either. Good to finally see you!" Cobalt said. "So...have you found out anything about the Russians?" Emily asked in a whispering voice. Emily was actually a Navy Seal, and that was another one of the things Cobalt liked about her. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. "Well, before I blew up one of their bases, I had my friend download the data from their computers, we might have something." Cobalt replied. "Good." Emily said. "After the party is over, would you like to join me in going to a restraunt? Maybe Pelo's Italian Restraunt?" Emily asked. Cobalt didn't know how to answer. "I would love to." Cobalt said. "Great!" Emily said. As she walked away she said, "Good to see you again!"
The party was over. Cobalt guided Emily to his Toyota. He opened the door for her and let her in, and then shut the door behind her. Cobalt went to the other side and got in, he started the truck and drove down the road towards, Pelo's Italian Restraunt.
"What do you want?" Cobalt asked Emily.
"Hmmm...maybe the large pizza..." Emily replied.
"Yeah...that looks good...any toppings?" Cobalt said.
"Sausage and pepperonis sounds great." Emily replied, looking through the menu.
"Okey dokey! I'll pay." Cobalt said. A waiter suddenly walked over.
"Hello, sir, ma'am. What will you be ordering tonight?" The waiter asked.
"Could we get the large pizza topped with sausage and pepperonis?" Cobalt asked.
"Right away, sir." The waiter wrote it down on his notepad. "Anything else?"
"Iced tea, please." Cobalt and Emily both said simultaneously. The waiter walked away.
As the two chowed down on their food, they talked. But Cobalt noticed also a strange man who just sat in the corner and stared at him and Emily. "Okay. What's going on?" Emily asked. "What do you mean?" Cobalt said. "You keep glancing at that dude in the corner! Who is he?" Emily asked. "I have no idea." Cobalt said in a whisper. Suddenly, when Cobalt looked back, there was no man. "Uh oh." Cobalt said. He got up from the table. "What?" Emily said. "We need to get out of here." Cobalt grabbed Emily's hand and pulled her up from the table, and they rushed out the door.
"What are we running from?" Emily asked worried and confused. "That man, I know him. He works for the Russians and me and him don't get along very all." Cobalt turned the car. "And?" Emily said. "And, he must have overheard us talking." Cobalt said. Suddenly, a black car appeared behind them.
To be continued...later...